Q: What is the difference between a frame tent and a pole tent?

A: A frame tent has no center poles, has a complete structure to support the tent top, and can be set up on a deck or patio. A pole tent has one or more center poles and is secured by straps to stakes in the ground approximately 5-7 feet around the tent, which means it needs to be set up on a lawn (or other soft surface).


Q: How do I know what size tent I need and will it fit in my yard?

A: Prior to booking we will visit you at your home to go over your needs and to survey the area to ensure we have enough space available to set the tent up.


Q: What areas do you serve?

A: We serve all of Nassau and Suffolk counties.


Q: What colors are your tents?

A: All of our tents are white.


Q: What type of chairs do you have?

A: Our chairs have a plastic back and metal legs, and are all white.


Q: Do you set up the tables and chairs?

A: Tables and chairs are delivered to the site and can be stacked wherever you like, but we do not set them up.


Q: Do your tents have sides?

A: Sides with Cathedral Windows are available for all of our tents for an additional charge.


Q: What does the price include?

A: Tent package prices include tax, set up and removal of the tent.


Q: Do I need to give you a deposit?

A: We require a $100 deposit for tent packages and $50 for table and chair rentals.


Q: Is there a delivery charge?

A: Yes there is a $25.00 delivery charge in suffolk and nassau county, 50$ charge to queens.



If you have any other questions please email us and we will gladly help you


Email: Info@AllAboutTents.Net